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Oaf Huck is a character - it is also something people say

If you are still confused as to what this is all about, simply say "Oaf Huck," out loud, then whatever is in each button!

Let’s see where Oaf Huck turns up…


I'm a teacher. I was attracted to the idea of bragging to all of my friends that I got a job in Kendall County! But three months after I started at Oswego East, I got my dream job offer to be a crossword puzzle maker for the Dispatch-Argus but I couldn't get out of my contract! I have to say, the kids really get a kick out of it when I wear this shirt to work!
Tammy Lam
Math Teacher
Oswego East High School
At first, I was like "this is is dumb," but then my girlfriend saw me looking . She laughed a little and said "Oh, fuck you!" I thought she was talking shit! Then she pointed out that was the website I was on. After browsing the store, I had to get a shirt that says OafHuck.it! I love it! You should see some of the reactions!
Gibson "Gibby" Torres
lyle pearson volvo, boise, id
I'm always talking about how much our jobs suck at work. My buddy, Jim, always wears his OafHuck.AllTh.is shirt, and one day I was checking it out and I stumbled on this shirt. SOLD! I actually have it in 3 colors.
Tim "Other Tim" McAfee
walmart, macarthur, WV
I.Wear. This. Shirt. CONSTANTLY! I am always putting out the signs, being flirty and giggly, but I have a hard time being forward. I'm on my way to meet my friend Ron for coffee right now. He told me last week he thinks I look cute in my Facebook profile, so I'm hoping he'll take the hint. God, I haven't been laid in ages! I sure hope Ron is charmed by the Oaf Huck Magic!
Elise Hardekopf
(Freelance what? I don't know.)

That’s about it, as far as Oaf Huck the character goes. At a point, I said “Fuck it,” and started commentary on the many ways saying all of these URLs are funny if you say them aloud. There’s a whole page about it that you should check out!


And, you absolutely must go pick up an OafHuck. shirt.

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