Oh, fuck!

Well, with the right motivation I will flush this out. In the meantime, I present you with a linked list of other times I had to say oh, fuck.

  • I will lead you off with a quick romp toward the most encompassing, situationally-universal “Oh, fuck,” usage – “Oh… Fuck all this!”
  • Definitely said – Oh, fuck construction!– I mean, millions of people have collectively said each of these.
  • I was particularly pleased with how Oh, fuck money! turned out. 👍 I mean, we all have to deal with money one way or another. Dealing with money sucks.
  • Whether or not you find my reasoning legitimate or valid, we can all agree there’s too many MEN involved in everything. Oh, fuck men! relates to how infrequently women are found in certain parts of life. 
  • I’m not a… I won’t get into all the things I am not as a person. I’ll just tell you that no fewer than 14 times a day, I find occasion to say “Oh, fuck… Jesus Christ.” Lots of widely-varying reasons!
  • I’m motivated to earn back what I’ve invested in Oaf Huck websites, there’s a lot of them, and I am a very clever man. More to come.

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