The Origin of Oaf Huck
-or- A Glimpse Inside A Troubled Mind

The Original Oaf Huck


So I’m working in this big ol’ warehouse facility in shipping. This one particular Thursday at work, I hit the washroom before lunch. As I walked out, one of the pickers was standing beside his truck looking through his paperwork and I caught him mutter that age-old workplace phrase, “Oh, fuck…”


Normally, I wouldn’t think anything about it if I’d bothered even hearing it. But for some reason, it kept looping in my head. To some small part of my brain, it sounded like he was annoyed at a buddy who wouldn’t give up on trying to distract him. So I’m sitting there at lunch and I thought back to hearing that maybe 2 or 3 more times that half-hour. 


Friday, lunch rolls around and I head out to my spot and as I’m sitting there listening to the talk radio, I started wondering what I possibly could have thought I was hearing the day before. 


“It’s like he was laughing. ‘Ohh, Pfft.’ But his buddy was named Buck… ??? Duck… HUCK! Ahahaha. ‘Ohh, pfft, Huck…'” And I was satisfied. 


Finished lunch, went back inside, and finished the day. 


Then, Monday comes. Lunch time. Go sit in the car, and the thing from last week starts rolling around in my head and I recognize that what I HEARD dude say, though, his tone – was not laughter. It was like a curse, or admonishment. 


(I’ve since googled and realized I was definitely NOT the first person to have this idea but stick with me here -) 


It was at that moment of analysis that what I had heard came across as “Oaf, Huck…” 

Immediately, my mind started cooking. I started picturing this little gnome sized character who runs all around the warehouse causing mischief and mishaps. I started picturing that every time anyone in the warehouse said the words oh f***, it was actually this little character. I sat there thinking about this in my car laughing out loud! 

Then, I started thinking about this myth evolving into a children’s tale. The thought of a mother. Reading aloud to her four-year-old daughter and saying out loud oh, fuck! 


By this time, I was really having fun just thinking about the mythical Huckleberry the Oaf. 

Then, I thought about this little 4-year-old girl spending the night at her grandma’s. Grandma says, “It is time for bed!”

Little girl, wanting a story before sleep, yells “Oaf Huck!” 

Grandma’s reaction… ahahaha!  

So, I went home after work and as I was unwinding that evening, the whole thing just seemed too brilliant. I wondered if there was a (dot)com. Opened GoDaddy. What?! 

You’re kidding me. For real? 

Maybe I should do something with this. I wonder what I could do with this…

And here we are! (About 6 weeks later [as of 12/03/20], I now own 20+ domains 🙄

Now, the goal is to recoup some of the not-stepping-but-leaning-over-the-line-of-regret dollars I laid out getting to this point. So let me make OVERWHELMINGLY AND ABUNDANTLY OBVIOUS that for each, every, and any sticker, or garment, or item you purchase from here? I am, wherever I am, weeping with giddy gratitude.

Thanks for your time. Please feel free to email me ([email protected]) with any input, especially if you have a suggestion on what I should do with these domains!  


Rob G. – Founder,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, And…